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At Clean Water for Haiti's mission base in Pierre Payen we are able to produce Biosand filters full time for about $100 US per filter. This cost includes all materials, labor, delivery, installation and follow-up education for filter recipients. It's our goal to install a minimum of 100 filters per month, giving over 1000 people access to clean water in their homes.

Our filter program is a subsidized program, meaning each family pays a small "co-pay" of about $5 US. It's our goal to make Biosand filters affordable and attainable for anyone in Haiti, from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich. This small amount is enough of an investment that the filter is given value, but not so much that the poorest of the poor can't afford it.

From our current location of Pierre Payen we are able to serve the areas of Cabaret, Archaie, Montrouis, St. Marc, the Artibonite Valley, and their surrounding zones.

As a development organization we believe it is important to invest locally. Since 2001 we have become one of the major employers in our area. Because of these employment opportunities, we have seen our staff improve their quality of life. Some have bought land or built better homes. Others have put themselves through trade school on the weekends. All have learned valuable life skills while on the job. They are proud of the work they do because they know they are helping their country every day.

Loading the filter barrow, a wheel barrow we designed to make filter delivery easier

Your donations actually get spent twice – once helping get filters to Haitian families, and a second time through employing local people.

We also believe it is important to participate in the local economy whenever possible. Because of this we try to purchase as many of our production materials from local businesses and use local craftsmen for producing things like the filter lids.