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CClean Water for Haiti is run by a dedicated, Haiti-based staff. We are a family of ministries represented by the Clean Water for Haiti Foundation in Haiti, 501c3 registered charity Clean Water for Haiti in the U.S. and registered charity CWH Foundation in Canada. We exist to provide the people of Haiti with affordable access to clean water in their homes through the use of Bio-sand water filters.

Freshly poured filters and filters ready for paint.


Why Bio-sand water filters? Haiti has a water problem. Most water sources are contaminated. Most people can't afford expensive filtration systems, and can't afford to buy treated water. They have no choice but to use these contaminated sources.

Bio-sand filters work. Simple. Inexpensive. Effective.


People need the freedom to choose what is best for their family. Through our subsidized filter program Haitian families have that power to choose. A family can actively participate in improving their standard of health and quality of life and at the same time save money.

As a development organization we also believe in practicing good stewardship by using local labor for most of our work and purchasing local materials whenever possible to encourage the local economy. Essentially all donations get spent twice – once to provide people with clean water in their homes, and a second time by providing jobs for local Haitians.

Learn more about our filter project.

All smiles.

Since our start in 2001 we have worked hard to establish a program that is providing lasting change, not just in Haiti, but worldwide. Here are just a few of the impacts:

  • Data shows that 95% of our filters are still being used after the first year – an adoption rate that is almost unheard of in the development world. What we're doing WORKS!
  • A case study on our follow-up program of visiting installed filters at one month, three months and one year after installation is being shared with filter programs all over the world because it leads to a higher long term adoption rate.
  • We have led the development of several filter mold redesigns that have been used worldwide by other filter projects.
  • Director Chris Rolling has led a project to develop a new injection molded plastic diffuser basin, providing a higher quality of treated water from the Bio-sand filter. The new basins have received rave reviews and the attention of filter projects around the world.
  • We have installed over 19,000 filters since 2001, making Clean Water for Haiti the largest continually operating Bio-sand filter project not only in Haiti, but in any single country around the world.

To learn more about investing in the work that we are doing, visit our How To Give page.